Advanced Technology

Innovation has always been a strategic core competency for BBC International. In the late 80’s BBC was the first to introduce lighted technology into the children’s footwear market place. The future of technology in footwear is bright and BBC will continue to lead the industry through a continued focus on research and development. BBC is currently the proud owner of several patented technologies that are used to drive business and product differentiation throughout the world. We have many projects in the works that will drive the future of technology in the footwear industry solidifying BBC as the frontrunner in innovation. A few of our key advancements are highlighted to the left.

Lighted Technology

BBC holds a place in footwear history as the innovator and true front-runner in the use of lighted technology, and today holds 15 patents. After the initial introduction of lights in footwear in the 80’s and the expansion of the idea all over the globe, BBC has continued to push the boundaries of expectation through innovation and expansion of the idea of how to incorporate lights into footwear that consistently keeps the product fresh in the eyes of its consumers. To date, BBC holds in excess of 15-patented lighted technologies. Basic lighted footwear has evolved into a variety of applications to include different colors, expansion of the number of lights on a shoe, application of lights on the upper as well as the outsole highlighting key design elements.

Radio Frequency Technology

BBC uses a patented Radio Frequency technology to make shoes more interactive. We have developed a shoe/wrist watch combination that allows an individual to track the speed by which he/she is running. This technology has been widely received as consumers use their shoes for more than just foot covering and had been offered in the Reebok line and in the Clarks line in the U.K.

Sound Technology

BBC has taken the use of sound to bring shoes to life with the development of a patented application. The use of sound has been incorporated into kids' footwear through patented use of a magnetic wand that when swiped by the shoe activates a sound mechanism that makes the character on the shoe sound off to the delight of the user.

Another patented application to sound that BBC has developed is the “Remote Control” sound application, which allows a child to pre-record his/her favorite character’s sounds into a wristwatch and then at the press of a button release the recording from the shoe itself. This application has been taken on successfully by some of our partners like Disney and Stride Rite.

Black Light LED Technology

BBC has also provided consumers the ability to put their own creativity onto their shoes. With the use of black LED technology, consumers can draw on their shoes and these drawings light up in the dark when the shoe is in motion. This invention has tremendous possibilities as consumers express themselves more fully through footwear.

Eco-Logic Technology

BBC is not only committed to the development of quality footwear but also to lessening the impact the footwear manufacturing process has on the environment. As one of the company core values, along with education and a commitment to philanthropy, BBC is spearheading research lead by Donald Wilborn, to reduce the company's carbon footprint in China and Florida.

Through this research, BBC is engaging with suppliers and factories to address each area of the shoemaking process in identifying impactful uses for recycled materials and sustainable energy. As a leading pioneer in exploring new techniques, the goal is to build working practices for the development and execution of sustainable footwear without negatively influencing quality, execution, consistency and cost.